This questionnaire is designed to help us gain an in-depth understanding of your business to help us form the brand personality.

Not all questions might be relevant so please don’t feel you have to fill the form in its entirety. You can add any further notes at the end of the questionnaire:

    About the company:

    Client Name

    Company Name

    What is your website address? (URL)

    What is your field of business?

    How would you succinctly describe your business?

    Primary target audience:

    How old are they?

    What is their gender?

    Where do they live?

    In what industries do they work in /or are they retired and how much do/ or did they earn?

    Describe your ideal client?

    How do you fulfil their needs?

    How do your products/services help your target audience?

    Where do these people gather in groups?

    What do they do for fun?

    What media do they currently use? Consider magazines they read, TV & movies watched, websites visited, social media sites frequented. For social media platforms, what times of the day are they are most active and what types of content they engage with (follows, clicks, comments, mentions, likes, competitions, discount codes and shares).

    Why should they choose your company over the competition?

    The Competition

    Who are your main competitors?

    What sets your company apart from these competitors?


    Do you have or want a tagline/slogan?

    What colours, fonts and style in general do you prefer?

    What attributes would you like your target audience to think of when they look at your brand/website?

    Are there any existing brands or websites that you like?

    Other comments