Can I do the whole Tablish process in-house?

Yes, once we have set up the app for you the first time then you can convert, edit and submit issues ad infinitum. That’s not to say you have to – the tablish team will assist if neccessary.

Is it easy to use?

The online interface has a similar look and feel to other popular publishing tools which your design team will be familiar with. Our team are available to answer any technical queries which may arise.

How quickly can I get my publication into the app store?

The first time takes the longest because your app needs to be approved – having said that it shouldn’t take any longer than a week to convert, edit, submit and get approved. Subsequent publications happen much more quickly as the app has already been approved.

Why should I be publishing on tablet devices?

To many it is the future for magazines & brochures – just look at how the Kindle has revolutionised the way people read books. It also creates a far more involving experience for the reader and gives advertisers a chance to showcase their products in more exciting ways.

How much does it cost?

It depends on your requirements. From experience we understand that our clients have different needs so we have designed some different solutions to suit. Please contact our sales team.

How do I sign up?

Once you have decided which solution you want we will send over an agreement to sign with details of your start date and we will submit an invoice. 50% is required prior to start with the balance due on completion.

What makes Tablish the right digital publishing choice for me?

We believe our product offers the greatest flexibility at a realistic price. Because we work from your PDF there are no magazines, brochures, documents or catalogues that we can’t squeeze into a shiny new app!

How can I make money from my app?

  • Set your price for the App itself.
  • Sell current and future issues through in-app purchasing.
  • Sell back issues.
  • By saving on printing costs.