The Player Care App is the ideal tool for professional sports teams to keep their players updated with club news, player welfare advice, training schedules, commercial benefits and any other player specific documentation.

Club staff can access an online editor to upload new content to the app including video content. The secure app is distributed internally to the playing staff and is available on iOS and Android.

iOS/Android App

The App is branded with your club colours and badge. The library page, as shown here, contains all documentation in sections for player to download and view. There is no limit to the number of sections you have.

Different versions of app can be created with translations for different languages. Our development team can also add additional bespoke features to suit your team and any individual requirements.

Notifications can be sent to the app by club staff when new content is published to the app.

Online Editor

Club staff can access editor via Google Chrome or Safari. The software is very intuitive and is used to upload PDF’s containing information which is then published to your app.

Interactivity such as video and website links can also be added in the editor.

Benefits of App

– Improves Player Welfare
– Keep players updated with latest news
– Replaces any printed club/player communications
– Video messages
– Helps new signings to familiarise with area
– Acts as a virtual notice board

Our Process

We take care of all the technical details and submit your app to the B2B app store so you can distribute privately to your playing staff. In order to create your app we simply require your club logo and any other branding.

For more details and to discuss with one of our team contact us on info@tablish.co.uk or call 01202 937530