Advanced tab in Tablish editor to add HTML and Javascript

Our existing customers may of noticed a new Advanced tab in the Tablish editor. This new feature allows you to add HTML and Javascript to an individual page within your magazine allowing more interactivity and user engagement.

Whilst the rest of the Tablish editor requires no technical know-how this does require someone with some coding knowledge. A div is required to be set to position the iFrame, animation or image on the page. The HTML or script is then placed within the div and that is all you need to do. A Tablish account manager will be available to guide you through the process and answer and questions you may have.


This is a really useful feature for displaying iFrames within the page – you may want to display a web page or simply paste some You Tube embed code. By using a iFrame for your videos you are reducing the magazine file size in turn reducing the download issue download time for the user. By using Javascript you can add animations to the screen bringing your content to life. Other uses could be for forms, calendars, charts, timers, adverts and really anything else you can create using javascript.

The beauty of the Tablish system is that all enhancements added in the editor will work across iOS, Android and Kindle.

To find out more about this feature or general enquiries about the Tablish app publishing system you can contact one of the team on 01202 755655 or visit