Apple have got into the magazine game with its new app Newsstand which offers publishers a more conventional way of delivering magazine content via Apple’s distibution platform.

The new service was released last week with Apple’s brand new mobile operating system – iOS5. You can purchase single or subscribe to multiple issues with  a notification sent when a new issue becomes available. Subscribers will have new editions downloaded automatically in the background.

There was some controversy earlier this year when Apple announced Newsstand and would be commanding a 30% cut for subscription sales. This led to a number of publishers such as the Financial Times pulling out of the Appstore to look at alternative ways to publish their content on Apple’s mobile devices.

The Newsstand app will make life easier to find published content on your device. You can shop for new content within the application itself and will also have a dedicated section in the App Store. You will be able to search by categories, top selling and other features that should present viable options to you, even if you are just randomly looking around.