Tablish are pleased to announce some new clients Joy Global, Pulse Magazine and Willmott Dixon.

Joy Global approached us in July needing a solution to display their promotional material at a series of exhibitions through to 2013. We added a new feature to the library page which allowed Joy Global to create sections within the library page. The App also includes video and an interactive data capture form.

Pulse Magazine is a biannual magazine for the Community Hosipital of The Monterrey Peninsula in California. The magazine contains latest news and medical advice from doctors at the hospital. Pulse have also included video within their magazine using our new video hotspot feature. This means without having to change the layout of their page they can add a simple video prompt which displays a pop up video. The app should be live in The App Store late September 2012.

Willmott Dixon are a world renowned construction company who wanted to produce their business reports as an iPad app opening them up to a worldwide audience. The App features the Scape: Willmott Dixom Review 2011 which has a number of sections which can easily accessed from the top menu.

With all of our new recent app updates along with our easy to use software Tablish is becoming a popular choice from companies across many sectors. With more excting features planned for the coming months we look forward to working with a host of other companies from different parts of the world.

For more information about Tablish iPad Publishing solution contact us on +44 (0)1202 755665 or email