Thousands of online shoppers thought they’d grabbed a bargain this week on the Tesco Direct website. A glitch was blamed for promoting the iPad 3 for £49.99 on pre-order. The latest must have Apple gadget which is due to go on sale on Friday usually retails for between £399 – £659.

Word spread quickly on Facebook and Twitter which left the Tesco website bombarded with bargain hunters but their delight was short lived. Tesco confirmed there was no way the deal could be honoured but they could face a battle from disgruntled punters.

In January, Marks and Spencer had to finally back down after mistakenly offering the latest 3D TVs on their website for a fifth of their true price. They too refused to honour the deal but changed their minds after thousands complained and started a campaign on a number of social media websites.

The new iPad comes with a stunning retina display, 5mp camera and ultra fast wireless and is out tomorrow.