Whilst a majority of our clients are multi title or indie publishers our flexible product and service also provides a solution for many other sectors looking to replace paper with digital. With print and distribution costs for ever on the increase it makes sense to house content within an app. Such uses for our app and publishing platform are company reports, brochures, catalogues, newsletters and training manuals to name a few.

The other key point is that the app does not need to be positioned in the consumer facing app stores. Android APK’s can be distributed internally or hosted on a website for employees or other users to download. With Apple, it is not quite so simple, however, we can create custom B2B apps for our clients so that they can distribute the app internally via links and unique codes. As these apps are not available to the public it does mean that any printed documentation (PDF) such as training manuals that have to be carried around by employees can now be placed on to their device.

As some companies have more bespoke requirements for their internal apps such as password protection or user login our development team can add any additional functionality.