Our digital publishing solution is designed to make it quick, easy and cost effective for publishers to get their content into the app stores. From the time our clients give us the green light we can have their app published within the store within 10 days for iOS and 2-3 days for Android. Our clients simply provide us with some pre-determined graphical assets such as icons, splash screens and banners and we then take care of the submission using either our Tablish developer accounts or our clients.

Custom Features

Along with the banners and splash screens we can also make other adjustments to the app to make it ensure it is line with your company branding and requirements. For example, the main library page can have any block colour or gradient background. We can also create sections within the library page with colour coded dividers. These sections are particularly useful for regionalised magazines, training manuals, product brochures or even if you just want to separate your issues into years or months.

Here are some examples of custom backgrounds:


Black background















We do also offer some additional app functionality features such as a support email button which can be directed to any email address, additional buttons in magazine to display images or advertising, password protected content and some options for orientation. So whilst we are a quick, out of the box solution to get your magazine, catalogue or brochure into the app store we do also offer a lot of customisable options.